15 thoughts on “Givers Forum Nigeria Login & Registration @ www.Giversforum.net”

  1. The Captcha code is not pasting in the code box.The space in the code box can not contain the figure eg 7+1 can not be get into the code box.The code box accommades only 7+ which is not complete.I therefore can not register.

  2. I was match with 2 people 22k and 28kon the 18th Nov. 2016, I paid for the 2, I was able to upload 22k but unable to upload 28k due to bad network. I lean that they are doing system upgrade. Lodging to my account I saw pending on the 28k . This is the detail of the people I paid to with there phone numbers:1) Uchenna 28k, Zenith bank,a/c no: 2002363736,phone no: 08153360440, 2) Olanite Samuel Idowu, 22k, First bank,a/c no:3033075131,phone no: 07033574940. I have attached the 2 evidence of payment through my email address. Presently I can’t log to giversforum website since a week ago,since then I cannot get help because on my payment there is pending on it pls help me out.

  3. Please admin help on this issue my down liner GH since 13th till now she has not been merged to someone who will pay her she is seriously disturbing me please urgent response is needed because she alot of downliners so that she will not discourage them we Still need our confidence to be intact…. One love dear givers

  4. Av been waiting to get help for more than a week now n d help is not forthcoming and I also cannot access my account because d capcha does not appear.pls reply n provide solution Asap because I cannot register anyone for now until am being paid.Tanks

  5. 3 persons were matched to pay me 2 weeks ago but only one person paid me and until now no one has been matched to pay me my remaining balance, I don’t know that’s really happening cos I registered someone under me and d person said he will not provide help till he sees that av gotten back all my cash, pls admin do work on these issues ASAP.Tanks

  6. I have credited all the account send to me and they have also seen an alert. I have been trying to upload the teller for confirmation but it’s not uploading. Please help so they can confirm my payment. Thanks

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