42 thoughts on “Login to Ultimate Cycler Nigeria – Register & Login to Get N50,000”

  1. What is really happening, am new to this network. I paid my #12500 since on december 30th to the person I was paired to and until now she has not confirmed me. They kept saying system upgrade and the rest. Pls am not just happy cos d people i introduced this to are beginig to be demoralized

  2. My name is Emmanuel I deposited money for almost a week now no confirmation, wat is going to happen to me now since he said he is unable to access his account SIR/MA?

  3. Please,what is wrong with your site cos have been trying to log in…I don’t understand again.I need an expatiation

  4. Please i just got registered some few days ago, please i’m really scared if this ultimate cycler really crashed, but whenever the site comes back on line do let me know thanks.

  5. I registered on 3December and I was linked to someone whom I have paid to his account but since then he has not confirmed that I have paid and again an unable to login into my account. another question is do I still stand the chance to have my money back.

  6. Ultimatecycler is not active for the pasted one week now ,does it mean that the site is close because the updating has taken to long and some participant has not been paid.thanks

  7. In spite of the love I have for this vibrant forum, they are biggining to make me loose the zeal to defend them where people are criticising them.
    This delay is becoming unbearable.

  8. The worst is that most people who wanted to register under me are now losing their confidence in UC. This upgrade is taking longer time.

  9. FINALLY IT’S ALMOST HERE!!!  .what we all have been waiting for .. ultimate cycler is here to stay for real this Time.. For new users
    This is real you can make your money ? with 12,500 and you get 5

  10. I registered & paid the 12,500, I also registered three people under me & I was given one person to pay me but he refused to pay due to the rumor that the system has crashed. Its been more than a week now & I’ve not been paid anything. so I’m waiting for system to give me people ‘automatically’ as promised.

  11. Great news guysss ultimate cycler is back for good . Hopefully we don’t get to overload it this time with 12500 you can make 50k… don’t get scamed.. NEVER give your log in details to anyone.. what so ever the reason maybe . I’ll be obliged to help anyone who wants to understand more about ultimate cycler and how the new phase two servers really work and how to get your money paid to you within the shortest amount of time (3) days. For new members, try to make enquiries before taking any step.. my advice is for you to join an active team that would help boost you even if you find it hard to convince anyone to register under you so you don’t get stucked. UC is real and fast.. click on the link bellow to register. http://www.ultimatecycler.com/ref/winnie15 or for more enquiries or questions add me up on WhatsApp 08094259433 I’ll tell you everything you need to know and how to get paid real quick

  12. I joined Ultimate cycler two month ago and introduced eight others to join as well. Up till date neither I nor the eight others have received and we can’t access our account ,each time we try access denied. What do we do to get back our money ?

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