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Salary Structure of the Nigerian Army – How Much Nigerian Soldiers Are Paid

Salary Structure of the Nigerian Army – How Much Nigerian Soldiers Are Paid

Most people think Nigerian Army officers are poorly paid while some think the opposite but it is very rear to come accross the correct figure of their salary scale . That is why we are officially exposing this comprehensive information regarding Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2016/2017 in oder to reveal how much Nigerian Soldiers are being paid per month or monthly.

Putting on The Nigerian Army uniform is of great prestige and respect but you can’t eat respect because it is all about the money . This article is created to reveal the complete Nigerian army salary structure and how much the different ranks in the Nigerian army are paid monthly . Needful to say, the job of The Nigerian Army is to defend the country against any form of oppression or against any sort of external aggression . Their duty is to uphold and support the interest of its citizens and country.

We want to list out the updated Nigerian Army Salary Structure for 2016/2017. This  Nigerian Army Salary Structure is classified into Non-Commissioned and Commissioned.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure For Commissioned Officers

→Second Lieutenant – N120,000
→Lieutenant – N180,000
→Captain – N220,000
→Major – N300,000
→Lt. Colonel – N350,000
→Colonel – N550,000
→Brigadier General – N750,000
→Major General – N950,000
→Lt. General – N1 million
→General – N1.5 million

Nigerian Army Salary Structure For Non-Commissioned Officers

→Private Soldier – N48,000 – N49,000
→Lance Corporal – N54,000 – N55,000
→Corporal – N58,000
→Sergeant – N63,000
→Staff Sergeant – N68,000
→Warrant Officer – N80,000
→Master Warrant Officer – N90,000

You will be very glad that you now know the recent Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2016/2017 . I recommend that you read Nigerian Army Ranks.

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